road trip day 33, philadelphia

Philly was unexpected. We hadn't planned to go through, but after our friends urged us to stop on our way to Washington D.C., we decided it must be worth the visit. Philadelphia was charming and completely caught us off guard. We loved it. There was way more history than we had anticipated and we spent a full day wandering around downtown. We went to a quaker church, fully functioning since the 17th century and a real quaker showed us around and explained to us the religion. From there we went to the church that George Washington, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, and Betsy Ross had all attended. We even learned that John Adams, on a dare, climbed the church spire when he was in his 20's. We also spent a majority of the day dodging school field trips and everywhere we went, the historians seemed glad to talk to adults for a few minutes. We finished up at the liberty bell and decided that we learned more about history today than at all our years at school. 

The room where the Declaration of Independence was signed. 

 George Washington's Church

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