road trip day 36: huntington beach state park, south carolina

As you can tell, we are a little behind in recording our trip. The last post I left you with was us in Virginia on the Skyline drive. The end of the Skyline drive spit us out only a few miles from North Carolina. We decided to continue through North Carolina and make it over another border into the Northern part of South Carolina (confused yet...?). So we drove all day, stopping in Raleigh for lunch and a farmer's market. We also made a pit stop in Myrtle Beach and took in the wide strip of white sand and the beautiful ocean water. Myrtle Beach has far too many hotels and when you are traveling via a camper, that is not always a good thing.  So, we headed down the coast towards Huntington Beach State Park. What we pictured was nothing compared to how beautiful the state park is. We arrived right at sunset and walked along the road to a small bridge that looks out over a lagoon filled with white cranes and a few alligators. The sky was crystal clear that day and the sunset was the pinkest i've ever witnessed. The park, like most in the south, was completely full of snowbirds and families on vacation. It was so nice to be camping alongside people versus the emptied campgrounds of the Northeast.  What was also nice was the increasing temperature. We no longer froze at night and didn't have to reach for our tiny space heater the moment we woke up.

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