road trip day 38: boone hall plantation, south carolina

Boone Hall is an antebellum plantation located in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina. As we drove up to the plantation through a mile of live oaks with sweeping spanish moss, we started to fall in love with the beauty of the plantation and the grandeur of the south.  The first plantation home was built in 1790, and three subsequent homes followed. The home that stands there now was built in the 30's and used as Allie's house in "The Notebook" (Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively just got married there as well)!

It was fascinating and slightly horrifying to visit a plantation. Sitting next to this enormous house is a slightly decaying row of original slave cabins dating back to 1790, where around 100 slaves lived and worked.  The juxtaposition of the horrors of slavery and the beauty of the property was jarring. We came away from our visit a little sobered to have seen the cabins and walked the same paths that slaves had two hundred years ago.

I would definitely recommend visiting Boone Hall for the Plantation alone. The house tour is disappointing though, so if you want to see a beautiful antebellum mansion, this is definitely not the place. 

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