road trip day 39: firefly distillery, somewhere in south carolina

Hope you all had an amazing Christmas! We flew to Coeur d'Alene early yesterday morning and got to spend Christmas with my family. We are now in full on recovery mode and i'm vowing never to eat again...but back to the road trip!

Somewhere south of Charleston, I mean way south, is the Firefly Distillery. We decided to try and find it and ended up driving deep into the boonies. After bumping along, wondering if this was a bad idea, we saw a little wood sign to our left. Holding our breath, we merged onto a dirt road and started driving through a thicket of tall skinny trees. At the end of the road there was a cabin to our right and two little buildings and a outhouse to our left. It wasn't until we saw people coming from the buildings that we realized we had made it to the distillery. Now if you don't know Firefly, they make this "sweet-tea" vodka that is AMAZING! Add it to lemonade and it is even more AMAZING! So we sampled all they had, including some very, very strong moonshine.

Then after getting our fill of hard liquor, we stumbled over to the second building where the winery is located. We learned that a certain type of grape runs wild all through the south, and the owners decided to plant this "Muscadine" grape and try their hand at making wine. So we drank our first ever Muscadine Wine and it was delicious. It has a very distinct flavor, basically it tastes like grape juice, and since we are not wine connoisseurs, we thought that Muscadine Wine was pretty fine (sorry I couldn't help myself).

We left the Firefly Distillery with a a bag full of wine and moonshine and called it a day. We then drove until we reached the border of Georgia and spent the night in a truck stop because we are really that classy.

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