road trip day 43-44: miami to the florida keys

We left Miami for the quaint neighborhood of Coral Gables. It was here that we spent an amazing day laying by the most stunning public pool i've ever seen. For $15 we received two day passes and pool chairs right on the water's edge. In the summer the pool is emptied and refilled everyday via a natural spring and is the largest fresh water pool in the country. Needless to say, after a month of being permanently freezing, we were in heaven to put on swimsuits and just relax.

We left Coral Gables kicking and screaming and sat like wet lumps in the Nugget for a few hours until we hit the start of the Florida Keys. Once we saw the beautiful blue water, our spirits were again lifted.  We made a pit stop in Key Largo, at our first Piggly Wiggly store of the trip (a Southern grocery store chain) and bought some tamarind pods to snack on. After fueling up we kept on heading south until we reached Islamorada. We pulled over and stayed at a great little motel, which was conveniently cheaper than camping in the Nugget!

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