road trip day 50-53: new orleans

Road weary and frostbitten, we decided that there was no better place to treat ourselves than in New Orleans, so we booked a room at the Prince Conti hotel in the French Quarter for three nights. It was our first time in New Orleans and we weren't quite sure what to expect outside of the usual rumblings of drunkenness and debauchery. We arrived at night to a frigid 34 degree temperature and squeezed the Nugget into the hotel's parking lot, checked in, and then bundled up for a night out on the town. Jazz was our only focus. We wanted to see some great live music. It took us all of two blocks before we found a bar with an amazing musician playing classic, yet lively jazz. It wasn't until we sat down, listing to the music, that it sunk in that we were finally in New Orleans.

After a night of jazz and avoiding hurricanes (super strong mixed drink, "slushie" sold on every street corner), we woke up and ventured out into the cold to find beignets and cafe au laits. Beignets are square pillows of fried dough, covered with lots and lots of powdered sugar. You take the square donut and dip it into your chicory based cafe au lait. BLISS!

I got photobomed at Cafe Du Monde, the most notorious place to get your beignet fix in NOLA.
Strolling around...


  1. I could eat the whole plate of beignets myself!

    1. I agree! Those things are so tasty!!! Makes me wish I had one now!


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