blog/life update we moved to austin!

Hey! So did you know Brian and I were living in Austin for a month an a half!? Probably not,  huh? So i'll rewind...after the road trip ended and we went to visit family in Seattle/ Idaho for a few weeks, we concluded that we could not endure another cold and wet winter. We decided to spend a month and a half trying out a new city and since we loved Austin so much on our road trip, it seemed like the most logical choice.

We rented a little apartment on Air BnB, that happened to be a few blocks from the river, and armed with four suitcases and one bike, we managed to settle into Austin quite nicely. We spent our time eating (a lot) and biking around the city. The weather was great and it was awesome to have enough time to really explore a new place. 

The apartment building:

We ended up securing a bike for me from friends and decided to sign up for Car2Go for days when a bicycle wouldn't get us as far as we wanted. 

Running path a few blocks down from our apartment:

It was our first time moving to just one destination for an extended period of time, without the goal of traveling around. 
Have you ever decided to pick up and try somewhere new? 


  1. Congrats on picking up and moving. Glad to see you've managed to settle nicely.

  2. Thanks Colleen! It was a fun move!


Thank you for your lovely comment!


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