Wanderlust Wednesday: Amsterdam

Last time we went to Europe we stayed in Amsterdam for a few days. I thought, stereotypically, that I wouldn't like the place because of the "coffee shoppes" and "sex tourism," but as I wandered around Amsterdam for the few short days we were there, I came to love the city and realized that it is so much more than its stereotypes. So now I am dying to go back to explore more of Amsterdam and to get outside of the city and see the rest of Holland. Seriously though, who couldn't fall in love with the bikes, the canals, and pannekoeken.

 Our hotel was through those red doors... the Tulip Inn, check it out if you are heading to Amsterdam.

My friend Grieta was able to meet us on our last day, taking us from the Van Gogh museum to the Anne Frank house, and all around the best parts of the city. ( I recommend both museums, but the Anne Frank house was extremely moving)


  1. And you know who to call when you want to explore the rest of the Netherlands! :)

  2. Hopefully soon! You were the best guide/ miss you and If you ever need a guide in North Idaho, you know who to call!


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