Here's to 2012

It's been a crazy busy year,
At the beginning of 2011 we left our jobs, friends, and Seattle for Southeast Asia...traveling through Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Laos, and Korea. 

We didn't expect to fall in love with Asia so much, but we still miss the taste of phad thai and laksa, we miss heading out of the door and being affronted by hot sticky air, we miss the smell of street cart food around every corner, we miss the craziness that is asia, the tuk-tuk's and the mopeds, we miss the grungy hostels, and the gaggle of children we befriended in Cambodia, we miss wandering from city to city with no plans, and most of all we miss the freedom of travel.

But life has to go on and with visas expiring and passports full, we had to return back to the states. We spent a few months flopping between Seattle and Spokane, restored a "vintage" motor-home, and eventually settled in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, a little resort town we never imagined we'd live in and that we've grown to actually like (maybe love).  

In 2011, we've struggled to find jobs, to figure out plans, to figure out how to live in Idaho...2011 also brought us closer and an engagement...so here's to 2012, a year that will be full of wedding planning, hopefully more adventures, more clarity, and definitely another round of resolutions to break keep!

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  1. ash! Loved this year-end recap, and great to see your hand-written resolutions - I need to get on that! Can't wait to see you in 2012! xoxo Kristen


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