Wanderlust Wednesday: Travel Swag

My friend Corey and her boyfriend, Daniel are currently traveling throughout Asia and have started a blog to document their journey. Corey and I went to college together, so i've always known that she is a fabulous writer, but I am blown away by her descriptive and charming posts. She describes her first day in Jaipur as nothing short of magical: "As the night falls, the children’s clatter fades and the kites drop from the sky one by one as the moon rises. This is the most beautiful place I’ve ever been. And I’ve only just arrived."
Needless to say, Travel Swag will keep you hooked on the adventures of Corey and Daniel. 

Plus, their pictures and videos are amazing. I'm pretty sure I'm going to try and talk Brian into an Indian honeymoon...

Corey & Daniel

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