Travel Tip #3: Tipping Around the World

Travel Tip #3
After figuring out flights, booking hotels and manically reading lonely planet, I feel like I arrive in a new place ready and well-read... but once I sit down to grab a bite to eat, I always forget what to do once the bill comes. 

That's where Mint comes in: They have an awesome Tipping Etiquette Infographic: check out the link to see a much bigger version than the one below! 
 When I was in Korea, I remember sitting at lunch eating something delicious and staring at the bill trying to figure out what to leave as a tip, I wish I had known that you don't tip! Do you think you would end up feeling bad just walking away and not leaving the waiter/waitress anything?


  1. I think that there is no place in the world that tiping someone is no good. Well done that you left a tip,the waiter/waitress was probebly happy for that.

  2. I agree. I think I will stick with tipping!

  3. Great post. I completely agree that tipping - if you can afford it and the services was good - that there is no reason not to. That might be the server experience in me, but I'm so accustomed to tipping.



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