Music: Lianne La Havas and Lana Del Rey

Besides having three names that each start with "L," Lianne la Havas and Lana Del Rey both share an insane musical talent.

While browsing Sho & Tell yesterday, I stumbled upon her post about Lianne la Havas and instantly fell in love. This girl can sing! She is able to twist her soulful sound and make it playful, like her massive side bun (which, hey if I sung like this girl, I probably would rock one too!).  Anyway, here is my favorite song of hers so far, sung in that back of a taxi no less:

This is like kismet or fate or something, but the Gods wanted me to start listening to better music yesterday and out of the blue (before I had heard of Lianne La Havas) a friend mentions Lana Del Rey. Now what are the odds that I would hear about two insanely talented musicians that vaguely sound like each other, all in the same night. 
Moving on...Love Lana del Rey as well, you would never expect this sultry voice to come out of a woman this small. She also kind of resembles Natalie Portman!

I'm thrilled to have two new artists to listen to, and so is the fiance (he was going to break my Nina Simone CD if he had to listen to it once more!).

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