Wanderlust Wednesday: San Miguel de Allende

With its tropical heat and cobblestone streets, it's not hard to see why San Miguel de Allende is a haven for expatriates.  Days in San Miguel are spent slowly, wandering around the colonial houses or sitting in the Zocalo in order to take in the sites and sounds of  Central Mexico.    
When I look back at my time in San Miguel de Allende, it seems like the town was washed in a faint pink light. 
It could have been the gorgeously colored houses (they do not shy away from color in Mexico) or maybe the light reflecting off of the absolutely perfect sunsets...whatever it was, San Miguel seems all the more perfect for it.



  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos! You are fueling the wanderlust I've been trying to avoid for weeks :)

  2. I'm feel your pain. I'm sitting in a little studio in Seattle and its begun to rain which makes me miss the warmth of Mexico all the more!

  3. Oh my god, I love San Miguel. My sister got married there and it was absolutely magical... your photos capture its spirit so well-- beautiful!

  4. Thank you! I would love to get married there, your sister is one luck girl!

  5. Oh wow, I think I'm in love!

    P.S. Tomorrow I'm having a giveaway, drop by and enter!

  6. My husband and I just spent the month of January in San Miguel de Allende and so enjoyed its beauty, history and culture. A great time to escape from the Pacific NW weather. We write about our month in San Miguel and share photos at http://travelsketchwrite.com


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