Wayfare Magazine

I think I am in love! Wayfare Magazine, the first e-travel publication has launched and is better than I could have ever expected! It is chalked full of beautiful pages- featuring great places, stories, and finds. This magazine seriously inspires some wanderlust!

In their own words...
"Wayfare is a brand new publication celebrating the art of the journey. Every element of Wayfare highlights what we feel travel should be: motivating, accessible, and delightful — whether you are in a faraway place, on a weekend getaway or simply exploring a new corner of your hometown"

By the way, how was your weekend? Mine was quite snowy (i'm back in Coeur d'Alene), so I hung out indoors for the most part and caught up on a few series and watched the Oscars.  Have you ever seen Shameless? It is a good mix of endearing family disfunction and quirky drama that draws you in (staring Emmy Rossum, no less)! It's on showtime, but the first season just came out on video.
 Anyway, any thoughts on the Oscars? I was left wanting more, and I have some serious movies to catch up on!


  1. Thanks so much for the wonderful words about Wayfare. It's been an amazing project to be a part of. Thanks too for helping us spread the word :)

    Wayfare, art director

  2. looks cool! I'm definitely going to check it out!

  3. Glad to be of help! I love what you are all doing/ keep up the good work :)


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