About Me: a Few Favorites

I feel like my blog is slightly lacking in personal information,  so in effort to be more open with you all, I thought I'd share a bit more about, well, myself.  Despite my hideous taste in television, and a seriously troubling addiction to sugar, I really ascribe to be a minimalist. I love all the principles that go along with minimalism, like minimal waste (although i'm still working on owning less things). 
When we were in Kho Phangan, Thailand, we went to this outdoor eco-fest of sorts to watch a documentary called "Bag-It". This documentary inspired me to really watch what I put on my skin, how much I am throwing away each day,  and what I eat. As for food, it is hard to stay away from sweets, but for the most part I try and only eat "whole" natural foods (nothing processed). There are fabulous food blogs that really make healthy, whole food cooking accessible and delicious. 

A few of my favorite & natural food blogs:

Here's a few of my favorite recipes:

Raw Spice Baklava: From Roost

Raw Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls: Oh She Glows

Wintery Spring Rolls: 101 Cookbooks


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