Photo Friday!

Any grand weekend plans? I'm driving back to Seattle today and crossing my fingers that I don't hit snow! Not much in the way of news today,  but here is a great "link love" list of things i've discovered this week, enjoy!

Link Love:

A great blog about two young expats in Italy
Globes made from lights; my next DIY
I want this Pendleton blanket in the worst way
Crazy photo series on reflections: via a cup of jo
Great beauty tips at the Beauty Department


  1. Hello Ashley!
    I came across your blog via travel blog exchange, and I love it! The way you edit pictures is just too cute, and overall, I think A & B C the world is a very clever concept! Keep up the good work!
    xoxo Chloe

  2. Thank you Chloe! That means a lot!

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I just checked out out your blog and was blown away- the pictures are stunning! (is that a tilt-shift lens you are using?)

  5. i don't know much about coeur d'Alene, idaho but i dooooo know that coeur d'Alene is my favorite Head & the Heart song!


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