Iphoneography Monday #3

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This weekend flew by far too fast  (don't they all?). Over the weekend we soaked up some much needed vitamin D, ate a huge amount of Ethiopian food, went shopping (I want everything from Anthropologie right now), and finally we went to Cafe Besalu. I'm not a fan of quiche, but we ordered it because we were told that they make the best quiche ever. It is true. The crust has a croissant-like flakiness and the inside was the perfect blend of leeks and eggs. I can't recommend it more (oh and their apple galette was not half bad either).


  1. That looks and sounds like a wonderful weekend! I just went to Anthroplogie as well and so want EVERYTHING as well! :)

  2. Who doesn't want everything from Anthro?! I love the chandelier globe light, amazing! Great photos :)

  3. Thanks! And oh man... I need to stop going in anthropologie, it might put me in the poorhouse :)


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