Photo Friday!

 This week has flown by for me, which is usually a good thing (unless you are on vacation and you want it to last forever!). My sister is in town, so we plan to get the most out of her Seattle weekend. First off, we are doing a little shopping, then we are going in for another round of Ethiopian food. At some point we have to eat from every bakery in Ballard (Cafe Besalu here I come),  and we will probably finish the weekend with a long hike to cancel out all the sinfully delicious pastries!  

Hope you have a fabulous (sunny) weekend!

Link Love:

Spring fashion ala Gweneth Paltrow
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I wish you could register at Anthropologie because I want these plates
Uber chic clutch


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog! BTW, I love this picture of the lotus - especially how it's broken out into two pics. :) beautiful.

  2. I go to school in Seattle and haven't heard of Cafe Besalu yet! But sinfully delicious pastries sound great to me so sounds like I'll def have to check it out soon!! :)

  3. Thanks Diana!
    and Courtney- definitely go find Cafe Besaslu! Also, Honore bakery is to die for!

  4. I adore cafes! Just cant get enough of them. I live in Seattle and have not heard of Cafe Besaslu! That's going to be my next stop this weekend!


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