The New Gypsies: Iain Mckell

A while back I watched a documentary about a group of "travelers" in Britain and have been fascinated ever since.
So I was thrilled when I stumbled upon photographer Iain Mckell's breathtakingly beautiful photographs, offering a glimpse into the lives of a small group of "new gypsies." Essentially these travelers are a group of present-day nomads, escaping the confines of contemporary society. They have built a culture around the ideals of sustainability, simplicity, and freedom.   
Although the term Gypsy within Europe is related to the Roma, these new gypsies adopted the lifestyle by choice, not heritage. In 1986, a group of Post-Punk protestors left London for the English Countryside. That is when Iain Mckell befriended the travelers and began photographing their lives and the evolution of their lifestyle. They now are a self-reliant and mobile community, moving from place to place on elaborately decorated horse-drawn carriages. Their way of life keeps them labeled as permanent outsiders, and Iain Mckell captures the pride that they have in being labeled so. His photography remains at once inquisitive and sensitive; giving the viewer an honestest and deeply insightful peek into the romantic, simple, strange, hard, and beautiful lives of these travelers. 
 To see more beautiful photography by Iian Mckell visit: http://iainmckell.iainmckell.com/


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