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A few days ago I was tagged with some questions by a fellow blogger and Seattleite, Kym of The Adventures of Kym & Dustin. Their blog is awesome and their adventures are even better. They winter in Seattle and then in the summer the head up to Alaska to work as tour guides! I love to read their adventures, so I was stoked to be tagged with a few questions from this post. 

1. 5 places you need to visit.
This question is hard...I feel like I need to visit everywhere but if I had to narrow it down, my top five must visits are:
1. Tibet: I've been fascinated with Tibet even before Brad Pitt went there in Seven Years in Tibet
2. Portugal: My good friend is leaving for there in a few weeks and I am super jealous, so it has moved to the top of my list.
3. The Maldives: a typical night at our house is Brian and I drooling over pictures from the Maldives. One day we hope to sail there (and the islands are in danger of drowning so I have to visit asap).
4. Ethiopia: I've been reading a lot about Ethiopia lately/ eating tons of Ethiopian food and to say I am obsessed with this country is an understatement. I HAVE to go there soon.
5. India: I can't imagine calling myself a world traveller without having seen India. I feel like this place is the Mecca of all trips. Chaotic, hard, insane, but in the chaos i'm sure the unexpected beauty of India would just captivate me. 

*Via Pinterest
2. 5 places you would love to call home.
1. Seattle (because I live there but was born in Utah, so i'm still fighting for Seattle citizenship)
2. Paris: wouldn't everyone love to call this city home
3. Mexico: anywhere in Mexico
4. Uruguay: I love this country and would love to call it home as well
5. Napa Valley: I would love to be a Californian and live on a vineyard.

3. Top 5 favorite things in your life.
1. My Fiance
2. Lilly (my sister's dog)- oh and family/friends go without saying
3. Anthropologie & Yoga (wish I had enough money for those but they are still my favs)
4.  Happy Hour
5. My Camera

*Via Pinterest

4. 5 things your want to cross off your bucket list or goal list this year.
1. I want to be able to support myself through my own business (online)
2. I want to be a permanent nomad
3. Buy a Unimog or Earth Roamer to support my nomadic self
4. To get married (September 15th that one gets crossed off)
5. To run a marathon!
*6. Milk a cow 

5. 5 random facts about you.
1.  My day job is in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho so I spend every other two weeks over there
2. I've barely been anywhere in the States
3. I've filled every page in my passport 
4. I love typography- I drool over good fonts and paper
5. I am obsessed with sweets and seek out the best bakeries where ever I go.

Thanks for the tag Kym! 


  1. I love lists! Really enjoyed this post :). Would also love to visit India and Tibet and I'm with ya 100% on your living "anywhere in Mexico"...such a great place!

  2. OOOOOO!!! I love your answers! YES! TIBET!!!! I should put that movie on my netflix cause I remember liking it years ago. Maybe it is time for a refresher. :) Yes, Seattle citizenship is a tough one! Thanks for participating! You are awesome!

  3. Thanks Rachel! It was a fun set of questions! and Kym "7 years in Tibet" such a classic and i'm pretty sure that was Brad Pitts best!


Thank you for your lovely comment!


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