Wanderlust Wednesday: Key West

*Photo Via Budget Travel

Wanderlust Wednesday: Key West.
Did any of you happen to catch America's Prettiest Towns via Forbes Magazine?  
Well, Key West made it to that list and made me think about Florida. For some reason Florida has never been on my travel radar but I am definitely going to put it back on there. According to Forbes, Key West is closer to Cuba than it is to the States. And even more incredible is the fact that Key West is only connected to the States via a 127 mile long overseas highway.

I never really considered that there would be a place in America where I can live like an island child in the sun and near the sea, but without having to actually be stuck on the island.  

 Forbes goes on to describe Key West as exuding "a laid-back and casual vibe that is different then almost any other town in the country." That is a place I would love to visit and hate to leave. 

Budget Travel gives a great list of 8 things to do in Key West, so if you are interested, hop on over there.

* All images via Pinterest


  1. Key West has never really been on my radar either, but it is now! For some reason I always had the perception that it was like Florida's Vegas, but from the photos it looks like it's anything but!

    Thanks for sharing these!


  2. I'd love to go to key west...looks SO relaxing

  3. Ummmm GORGEOUS!!!! I can't wait to be at the beach next month.

  4. Doesn't it look just gorgeous! It is crazy how close to Cuba it is and i'm pretty sure I couldn't help myself from popping on over to Havana!

  5. I've always wanted to visit Key West. Looks so gorgeous.

  6. So gorgeous photos really....I always love islands to be the holiday destinations really and I am very glad to have Key West in my this list now....Awesome photos!!


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