Iphoneography #5

*If you want to find me via Instagram my user name is ashled2 

How was your weekend? Ours ended up being sunny and we were able to get outside. As for Easter, we had an awesome Easter egg hunt and I took away a whole $13 dollars and two nerf footballs, I mean what more could a girl want? 

Today i'm back in Seattle and looking forward to a 68 degree day! The only problem is I have absolutely no warm weather clothes and I might look out of place in a sweater and jeans, so I'm off to find white capris, asap! 

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  1. that first picture is so cute.
    the second picture is so yum.
    i just about only made it through two pictures before i had to come down here and comment.
    but i did scroll back up and those mountain pictures are amazing!


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