Iphoneography #6

  We had a great weekend in Portland! It was the perfect temperature and sunny the entire time! We spent Saturday walking around, starting at the Saturday Market, which is great by the way, and then we worked our way up towards Powells and then the Pearl district. The whole weekend was mainly about food, and Portland has some of the best! We scouted out many a food-truck and I ate quite a few sweets.   We also went to around four Mcmenamins. I had never really heard of Mcmenamins before, but if you are ever in the Northwest, definitely stay in one, they are all unique and the hotels are usually converted from something else (there's one in an insane asylum). One of the four we went to is an old school converted into a hotel with little bars tucked into every corner! My favorite was the "detention" room.

On Wanderlust Wednesday I'm going to feature Portland, so if any of you have any more great advice, let me know and I will do a best of Portland list (with your names as references)!

*I took my real camera this time so there is a clear lack of Instagram photos on my part!


  1. Those donuts look soo yummy! :)

  2. glad you were able to get your voodoo doughnuts!!! :)
    the weather was beautiful this weekend and now its back to being rainy.

  3. Awww Portland looks AND sounds amazing! I've heard of that school-turned-hotel place! I must check it out one day ;). And is voo doo donut as delicious as I've heard?!?! I also heard Portland has it's own pancake place where you can cook up your own pancakes right at your table! YES PLEEEEASE!!!


Thank you for your lovely comment!


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