Photo Friday!

What are you all up to this weekend? I'm heading on a road trip down to Portland! I haven't been to Portland in a long time and I am super excited to explore around the city. 

I have a few things on my Portland must do list:

Eating Vodoo donuts (the one with Captain Crunch is calling my name!),
and some Canneles at Kens...
Heading to the Portland Saturday Market
Shopping around Powells (which is a book store that took over a whole city block and is the largest independent bookstore in the country).
And of course, eating from as many food carts as I can...

The main reason we are heading to Portland is to catch "Filmed by Bike,"  a bike film festival. We have tickets for tonight, where one of the premiers is a documentary following a couple biking around the world!

Hope you have a great weekend and if you have any Portland tips, be sure to send them my way!


  1. i am so excited for you to come to portland!

    i've only been here a couple months but i have some advice i think might be worth sharing even though you've been here before :)

    voodoo doughnut is PACKED on weekends which I'm sure you're aware of. line around the block type of packed. there are two locations in the city and i would suggest looking into going to "voodoo, too".. same doughnuts, just not in the same fun location as the other one is in the pearl district, but the line? there is none there. usually.

    portland saturday market is a blast. if you like sweets, don't forget to stop at the two tarts bakery. they have a great 13 for $8 deal on these little desserts. so good.

    and food carts? the ones on SW 5th ave are some of the best. if you're a fan of hot dogs, go to Bro-dogs. fan of burgers? go to Brunch box.

    so excited for you!

  2. Thanks Jes for all the wonderful tips! I had no idea there were two locations for Vodoo donuts!! and I haven't ever been to the portland market, so I will definitely search out those little sweets and Bro-dogs!

    It looks like it will be a sunny weekend too!

  3. I loved the porchetta sandwich at The People's Pig, at the pods closest to Powell's. Also, you have to get a cappuccino from Stumptown.

  4. Do you guys live in Washington? Portland is awesome have fun there!

  5. Thanks for the great tips you all! We live in Seattle and decided on a weekend trip (which was AMAZING) I love Portland and was able to find vodoo too (lifesaver jes!) and have a cappuccino from Stumptown (delicious!)! I'll have to get down there again soon for some more great food!

  6. So glad you loved Stumptown! Next time we go to Portland I'm going to pony up the extra cash to stay at either the Ace Hotel or the Westin since they're right by all my favorite spots in the Pearl.


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