Wanderlust Wednesday: Jewel of Mustique, West Indies

I'm a lot obsessed with Adelto. So when I was browsing it the other day and saw this house, I had to share immediately. I don't know much about the West Indies (i'm not even sure I could point to it on a map) but I know for a fact that I want to go there! 
This luxury villa, called the Sunrise House,  is part of Quintessentially Villas numerous luxury estates. I'm pretty sure if this looked like a prison on the inside (which it is far from) I wouldn't care a bit! 
If I had won that lotto,  i'm pretty certain that I would have bought this in a heartbeat!

The Sunrise house sleeps ten, and comes with a full staff, including a butler and house manager. 
You can rent this luxury villa for a mere $24,000 per week. 
All photos via Adelto

*I am honored to be a part of Travel, Rinse, Repeat's "Locals Take." You can read my interview about Seattle here.


  1. Wow! Well I would rent it, but you know I thought about renting it and there was also this book that i wanted, and I wasn't sure I'd be able to afford both.

  2. Wow! Amazing. It's hard to imagine places like this exist sometimes. And one 24k per WEEK? I think I have that laying around some place, LOL.


  3. these pictures don't even look real, they are so beautiful!

  4. I know! So beautiful and 24k is just pocket change right!?


Thank you for your lovely comment!


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