The Social Studio

"In 2009 a group of community members and local designers and professionals came together in Melbourne with the great idea of using up-cycled fashion as a vehicle for social change." Out of that collaboration, the Social Studio was born. The Social Studio is "a fashion school, a designer clothing label, a cafĂ©, and a community space created from the style and skills of the young refugee community." 
According to the United Nations, there are 11,400,000 refugees worldwide. Australia takes 0.1% of the world's refugee population per year. 
Although this number is small, the people behind the Social Studio decided to make a change for that small refugee population. They  recognize the need to provide support and a community for refugees and  out of that need, they have created something beautiful and self sustaining. "The Social Studio is a dynamic space where clothing is created from the style and skills of the young refugee community. It is also a safe place of belonging that strives to create awareness and change public perceptions by empowering young people to achieve their dreams. The Clothing is designed and made by The Social Studio's young designers using only recycled and excess manufacturing materials gathered from local industry."
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