Travel Essentials: Turquoise + Gold

turquoise + Gold

H M top, £7.99

*I'm not quite sure what turquoise + gold has to do with travel, I just know I LOVE this color combination and i'm pretty sure it would make a very stylish travel-wardrobe.


  1. I have that tote bag.
    I'm KIDDING. ;)

  2. I wish I had that tote bag. And if I did, I'd probably just hang it up in my closet and stare at it instead of actually using it because knowing me, I'd get robbed and be out $1,500. What fun is THAT?!

  3. haha I would seriously do the same, maybe just frame the tote bag and stare at it occasionally...could you imagine if you accidentally spilled something on it! Heart-attack!

  4. Love this. It seems that ray-bans are a must for travel. (At least in the Middle East, they are.)

  5. love all this and your blog. your adventures through out seattle are inspiring. i need to see the beauty of our city more! mara

  6. Oh, turquoise is my favorite color (if pressed to choose favorites in the first place, I am quite fond of many colors), and I believe it looks quite delightful with a whole host of colors. I had never thought about it much with gold, but now that I've seen this post, they do make a dashing pair, don't they.

    Thanks for your sweet comment, I'm flattered you love my blog. <3 Your blog has an awfully cute name, by the way.

  7. Aren't those gold ray bands perfect for travel! I bring mine and feel a tiny bit like angelina jolie!

    But glad you all like the turquoise + gold! It's one of my favorite combos!


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