Wanderlust Wednesday: Puerto Rico

I have a confession to make...I've never been to Puerto Rico! But, after a Puerto Rican beach was named the second best in the world, I figured that this little island needs to be on the top of our list. 

Only a two and a half hour flight from Miami, Puerto Rico is a quick trip for all you East Coasters.  Puerto Rico, like most Caribbean destinations, is a fascinating mix of African, Spanish, and Indian influences all living within spitting distance from stunning beaches and lush tropical jungles.

(Flikr: Fernie787)

I'm already looking for flights! I might have to spend Christmas in Puerto Rico this coming year!


  1. I've never been either! Everyone I know that has been has loved it though, and these pictures make me want to add it to the top of my list too!


  2. Puerto Rico is definitely toward the top of my list.

    So is Cuba, but that's another story. ;)

  3. The boyfriend and I went to Puerto Rico 2 years ago...and wow! So nice. We rented a house on the island of Vieques. It was incredible. Super affordable and the best vacation I have ever been on. I can give you some info if you want :)

  4. Joy- I definitely need to get some information from you! I wonder if Vieques is the island that had the world's best beach?

  5. I have never been there but it looks like such a beautiful place.

  6. You will LOVE Puerto Rico. I would move there tomorrow if I could. Feel free to contact me with any tips as well. I'm so glad I found your blog through FEST. Yay for travel addicts.


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