Bon Voyage Mr. Chace!

Today my favorite man takes off for Alaska to go commercial fishing. He stays up outside the towns of Ketchikan and Craig (still not sure where those are at), fishing for salmon.  When I first met Brian, I was convinced that what he does was straight out of "the deadliest catch," but rest assured, it is a lot more mellow than the TV show (those guys are fishing in the dead of winter in the Bering Sea).  One of the only benefits of our little summer separation is the fresh and smoked salmon Brian will be sending home.  It's a good thing that I love fish, because i'm pretty sure that will be all we eat for the next year! 

Yesterday was the last time will see each other for ten weeks, while he and four other crew members fish aboard the Ariel! I'm getting pretty nervous about it and know I will probably miss him more than I can stand. And as much as I love summer, I can't wait for it to be September. He gets back around Labor Day weekend, and then a week later we take off for Mexico to get married! It will be a hard summer for him to be gone, but I am going to have to really preoccupy myself with blogging and wedding planning!

I would love to hear about your long-distance relationship tips!  

Blogging is already such a great outlet and I am thankful for all the amazing people I have met through it! All of you have such fantastic blogs!
 If you have a blog, or tip, leave me your name and blog address, I would be thrilled to meet new blogger friends and have more blogs to keep me company for the summer!


  1. I am so impressed with your strength! Long distance relationships can be so trying, but really worth it if both of you are committed! After all, where do you think the old adage "Absence makes the heart grow fonder" came from? Haha.

    I did the long distance thing with my ex for almost 6 years. He was a musician and would go on long tours (sometimes international! yikes!) and it slowly got easier each time, haha. I'd be happy to keep you company for the summer! I accept payment in the form of smoked salmon, conveniently enough ;)

  2. Oh my goodness, what an adventure! John and I were long distance for a year, and what kept us going was the countdown until all those cross-country trips would be over. Just think–in a few weeks, you'll be reunited and hitched!

  3. Good luck! This will make the wedding all that much sweeter. My advice is to enjoy this last time you have before you are married and hang out with your girlfriends as much as possible.

    And blog away!


  4. WOW!!!! September isn't THAT far away!! Its like 80 days!!!!You can make it and I imagine you guys will have some awesome stories to tell eachother about your adventures apart! -Kym

  5. Thanks for all your lovely comments! It's interesting how many of you have been at one point in a long distance relationship!
    And Erin, i'm hoping absence makes the heart grow fonder! And trust me there will be plenty of smoked salmon :}

  6. The sleeping pillow you told me about Ash! ;) hahaha


  7. I know how you're feeling, Ashley! Casey left almost two weeks ago and it feels like it's been forever.....and he'll be gone for 11 more weeks! We talk every chance we get when he has cell phone reception, though, and send lots of emails and picture messaging about what we've been up to. I think the key will be to stay really busy. We can do this!

    If you're ever in Seattle or I find myself in Coeur d'Alene, let's get together!

    I really like your blog, btw :)

  8. Thanks Emily! Seriously come on over to CDA whenever, we can entertain each other and talk about how much we miss those damn boys!
    It definitely makes it harder because they don't have cell reception most of the time but I love the idea of picture messaging! Anyway can't wait until we all reunite in Mexico! Tell Casey hi next time you speak to him!

    And Ginny- I'm going to buy one of those pillows (you can have one and i'll have the match haha)


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