Happy Friday!

Happy Friday you all. I'm getting settled back into Coeur d'Alene and man it is HOT. As for this weekend, the town has tripled in size because it is Ironman, so people from around the world are here to swim 2.4 miles, bike 112, and run 26. I will gladly be relaxing on the sidelines, cheering, while drinking margaritas!

Link Love

A creative little book for your creative little instagrams
Or just create stickygrams
The best summer DIY, ever! homemade beach waves (in a bottle)
Muse & Maker; a beautifully curated site for "aesthetic curiosity."
Always pretty, and always with butter

And I'm pretty sure I've never seen so many colors of Ukelele's in my life:


  1. Wow.. that's a lot of ukeleles! Haha.. Cute song.

    To answer your question about my jeans, I got them at Urban Outfitters. It was a long time ago (like 5 years), but they might still sell that brand. Hope that helps!


  2. Thanks Catherine! They are really cute/ I'm going to try and track down a pair!

  3. Sounds like a pretty dreamy weekend–enjoy!

  4. Thanks Lena, hope you have a great weekend too!

  5. What an amazing video! I could use some margarita-drinking time myself. Sounds like a dreamy weekend!

  6. Thanks Bhrett! It was pretty awesome, and lazy compared to all those Ironmen!


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