Travel Tips and Tidbits w/ Hannah from HM.

I'm so excited to introduce Hannah Margaret, of the wonderful blog HM.  She has great taste in pastries and has had some fabulous adventures, so I hope you enjoy & thanks HM! 

1. Tell us a little about yourself:
My name is Hannah Margaret, and yes I use both names, it's a Southern thing I suppose. I'm a senior in college, attempting to get a grasp on the world around me. I have a travelers heart, a passion for people, a love for all things flowered and a desire to experience the unknown. I just returned from a six month stint in Canterbury, England, where I fell madly in love with the culture, the Queen, the pints and, remarkably enough, the food (beans on toast anyone?). I have a slew of international friends, went on a sweet backpacking excursion for a month and became fascinated with what it takes to be a proper Brit. I hope to move there in May.


2. When/Why did you start blogging: 
I began blogging in February of 2010 to have a tool to harness my journaling obsession. Ever since I can remember, journaling has been vital to who I am. Naturally, blogging attracted me. I have unpublished a majority of those posts in 2010 and some in 2011 out a desire for a new direction on the blog. I want to emphasize travel, adventure, people and really living life in every possible capacity (the posts prior were too feelings oriented and childish). If you have a story (Quick hint: you do) and a desire to learn other peoples' story--this is the place for you.

3. What is your dream trip: 
Without a doubt, I want to travel anywhere and everywhere. So my dream trip could involve just about anywhere. I am really more interested in living somewhere as opposed to just visiting for a short time, because then you get the full experience of how that world really operates. Right now, my ideal living spots are my beloved England, Southern France and Germany. I'll keep you updated via blogging.


4.. Where is your favorite place in the world: 
My favorite place has to be Southern France. The culture, the fresh bread and cheese, the stunning landscapes, the cheap wine and the language lure me in without a doubt. In my mind, there is no better place.


5. Favorite food/ where do you find it: 
As a self-proclaimed sweet addict, I would have to say the raspberry macaroon that I had in France takes the cake (takes the macaroon?). The cannollis in Florence, the Kinder chocolate all over Europe and sticky toffee pudding from England are all fantastic runner-ups. I also would just flip to have the coffee beer that I had in Prague again, it was insanely great.
6. Any great travel tips/ secrets?
Always learn "Hello, how are you?" in the native language of the place you are traveling. It proves that you are trying, even if it is nearly impossible (Czech Republic) or insanely intimidating (France). I have tried in the past and will continue to break the stereotype of the obnoxious American tourist. This is one of those ways. Also, you would think this is obvious but you'd be surprised, read up on the place before you go. I used my Let's Go Europe book throughout my time backpacking and found some fantastic finds this way. We ate at the restaurant recommended in Prague for every dinner while there.


  1. wonderful post! popping over to her blog now:)

    1. Isn't she cool! love her blog too!

  2. What a cute person! Thanks for introducing us!!

    1. she is super cute! and I love those bangs!

  3. my neighbor! (When she was a kid) great post HM!

  4. Thank you for the good tips. Every thing looking awesome. Those all photos looking awesome, Which you share above, I really enjoy your Travel Tips.

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