Wanderlust Wednesday: Luxury London

In honor of the Olympics, I decided I should dedicate this Wanderlust Wednesday to London. I've been to London twice. Once I stayed in a fairly dirty hostel, and tried marmite for the first time (it was awful). The second time in London, I stayed in a hip little neighborhood, at a hotel whose rooms were the size of a British pound. Next time i'm in London, i'm fairly certain that I need to step up my game and stay at the St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel.
St. Pancras was built in 1873 as a train station, with a hotel directly adjacent. The hotel fell into disrepair and existed as offices and a booking center for the train station.  
The "hotel/ticket office" began renovations in 2004 and was opened to the public in 2011, nearly 138 years after the original opening. 

It's not a cheap nights stay ($621/ night), but one can dream!

Fun fact: Spice Girl's Wannabe video was filmed here!


  1. london is a place i have not been and with the olympics and everything else... im kinda thinkin that needs to change!

  2. oh my! everything looks so gorgeous. i've only been to london once and definitely don't remember it being nearly as beautiful. now you've just given me the itch to visit again.

  3. These pictures are absolutely gorgeous! Ahh what an amazing place to visit!

  4. $621!? That will definitely take some dreaming on my part! ;) The hotel looks incredible though and I love it's interesting history and that amazing old fireplace in the middle of the bathroom. Heaven!


  5. I went years ago with my family - but I can't wait to go back with Nick someday! I totally recognize that staircase from the Spice Girls video - good fact!

  6. one day I'll get there. Fingers are crossed that it will happen sometime this year!


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