Travel Tips and Tidbits with Jenna

Jenna is one of my favorite travel bloggers, and an expat to boot. She currently lives in South Africa, and it is impossible to read her blog, A Home Away from Homewithout getting a little bit jealous of her amazing life and adventures! 

1. Tell us a little about yourself:

My name is Jenna and I blog over at A Home Away From Home about my life as an American expat living in South Africa.  South Africa started out as a semester abroad experience for me in 2008, but when I met and fell in love with a local my life was forever changed and I sort of just never left and still find myself here today.  It's amazing the surprises that life can throw your way isn't it!?

I spent the first two years in South Africa living in the little university town of Stellenbosch {about 30 minutes drive from Cape Town}, but since early 2010 we've called Johannesburg home.  While the two cities are just about as opposite as can be, I've fallen in love with both and am trying to soak up each and every moment of our time here since we have no idea where we will find ourselves living in the future.

2. When/Why did you start blogging:

I started blogging in the beginning of 2011, mostly as a way to keep in touch with family and friends back in California.  What started out as an alternative to mass emails ended up warping into a creative outlet, documentary of daily life in Jo'burg, travel diary, and way of connecting with so many other amazing women {and a few men!} across the globe.  Blogging has turned out to be so much more than I initially anticipated and I love that I have a some sort of record of my life in South Africa to look back on in the years to come.

3. Tell us your dream trip:

Oh, this one is a toughy, there are so many!  Ever since travelling to Egypt and Turkey in 2006 I've been dying to see more of the Middle East.  My dream trip would begin in Egypt, head to Israel, through Jordan, Syria, and finish off in Turkey {political stability and safety considered of course}.  Syria seems to be a little off limits at the moment.

Now that Cuba's starting to open up, I'd also love to cross it off my list sometime soon!

4.. Your favorite place in the world:

Probably Stellenbosch.  I have so many amazing memories from my time there since it's where Jurgen and I met, where I spent my first couple of years in South Africa, and made some of my best friends a girl could hope for.  Every time I step foot back in that little town I get the most nostalgic feeling ever.  I think everyone has a place like that.

In terms of travel, my favorite place so far has definitely been Burma.  That country changes you.

5. Favorite food / where do you find it:

Out of all my travels, Mexican would still have to be my very favorite.  Particularly, Southern Californian Mexican food.  Even more specifically, Enchiladas.  Mmmm.  They are the first thing I order whenever I make a visit back to the United States.  My mouth is watering just thinking about it :)

6. Any great travel tips / secrets?

Try and embrace each and every opportunity that comes your way while either travelling or living in a foreign country.  Break out of your comfort zone, meet new people, try strange and different foods, learn something new, make a point of getting to know the country on a deeper level than the average tourist would. It's unique, spontaneous experiences like these that make for the best and most treasured travel memories.

Oh, and also... never forget to pack pepto bismol.  Quite possibly the most important travel tip out there.

*Thanks so much Jenna! *


  1. Thanks so much for having me Ashley! I absolutely love your blog and this travel series :)


  2. Thanks again Jenna! Great answers and I can't wait to experience both Africa and Burma...Those are up next on my list!

  3. Great series and great post Jenna!


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