Wanderlust Wednesday: Cameron Highlands

Located in Central Malaysia, the Cameron Highlands sits on a plateau that was first developed by the British in the 1920s. The Cameron Highlands have their own entire eco-system, and is one of the coldest places we went to is Southeast Asia.  As we journeyed up to one of the small towns in the Cameron Highlands called Tanah Rata, it looked as if we had accidentally landed ourselves in the British countryside, tea and crumpets included. It is also the same place where Jim Thompson mysteriously disappeared...so we are took care to avoid tigers, headhunters, snakes, scorpions and basically everything that didn't involve tea or strawberries.
*our hostel- the actual sleeping part was in another building that looked straight out of English countryside. 

The Cameron Highlands don't have much in the way of actual towns, but most people come to enjoy the hiking, and the countryside anyway.
 While in the Cameron Highlands we took a "leisure tour" throughout the country side. This was actually the tour's name, and  despite this being a "leisure tour," we learned a very valuable lesson, never ever, ever be late with an Indian tour guide.

Our "leisure tour" through the CH lasted only a day, but they crammed in a greenhouse, a temple, a strawberry farm, a honeybee farm, a tea plantation, and a butterfly sanctuary complete with reptiles...so I'd say we saw quite a bit of Tanah Rata!
The "BOH" tea plantation pictures are below... the pictures that look like a green carpet over the land are actually black tea. We were proper British, or in this case Scottish (BOH was started by a Scot in the 1800's) and drank cups of tea while gazing absentmindedly at the plantation before us.

Our final destination was a butterfly farm. Brian held a surprisingly cute gecko while our guide explained to out about the 276 species of snakes that live in Malaysia, 5 being deadly and even a deadly centipede. After hearing this news and looking at too many snakes, tarantulas, and scorpions that oddly found their way into the butterfly farm, we decided trekking through the Cameron Highlands on our own was probably not the best idea.
The Cameron Highlands are beautiful and if you ever find yourself in Malaysia, they are worth the trip! And the chilly air gives a little bit of reprieve from Asia's extremely hot and humid weather.


  1. Looks absolutely gorgeous! And so, so green :)

    Would love to visit Malaysia one day!


  2. These are stunning photos --- I love the layers upon layers of plants & flowers.

  3. Lizards and flowers and gorgeous landscapes ahoy! Going to add this to my travel list.

  4. oh wow, this place looks stunning!
    adding it to my travel list!!

    xo the egg out west.

  5. Thanks you all! Malaysia is hands down one of my favorite places and the Cameron Highlands had greenhouse after greenhouse full of the most beautiful flowers!

  6. This place looks stunning! I love the view of the tea fields and that little tropical English garden. :D

  7. Thanks Audrey! It really was a tropical English garden- with accents to boot!


Thank you for your lovely comment!


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