A Little Liebster

I just wanted to say thank you to all those that have stopped by the blog and liked it enough to follow. I can't tell you enough how excited to have triple digit followers! I have met so many cool people since I started blogging and I am constantly inspired by all of your blogs! 

The other day I got a Liebster nomination from the wonderful blog: The Daily Deelight, run by an equally cool girl named Sando!

The rules use 11 as the number, but i'm going to tone it down to 5...

So Sando, here is 11  5 random facts about myself:

1. I was born in Utah
2. I run almost every day
3. I was in a sorority
4. I met my fiance after I left a note on his 1970's molester-van
5. I have a bachelor's degree in international studies from the University of Washington

Questions posed from Sando: 

Favorite day of the week?  Saturday. // 

Best date you’ve ever been on? 1st date with my Fiance- he held my hand //

What was your first blog post? This little one- nothing impressive there :) // 

Favorite place to eat? a little southern indian restaurant in Melacca, Malaysia//

What’s the next trip you have planned or would want to take? My wedding in a MONTH to Playa del Carmen, Mexico//  

The one song you will dance to no matter what? That one that goes "you can have whatever you like..." // 

How many pairs of shoes do you own? not enough, I never by shoes and it shows //

 Last dessert you ate? banana peanut butter greek yogurt ice cream//

 Best birthday/holiday party you’ve ever been to? hmm...I absolutely have no clue!  //

  One thing you’ll never forget? to respect the planet and recycle! It is ingrained in my brain and I can't bear to throw away anything remotely recyclable.// 

Why do you write your blog? My blog definitely serves as an outlet for my obsession with travel. I would probably go crazy if I didn't have this outlet and I am so happy I stuck with blogging (there was a period I thought I would only blog when I was on vacation, but it is now incorporated into my lifestyle!) 

My Nominees:

5. The Adventures of Kym & Dustin

If you are nominated, create a post with 5 random facts about yourself.  Answer the 5 questions posed by the person who nominated you...and then make up 5 different ones when you nominate 5 other blogs!  And make sure you let people know you nominated them :)


  1. i absolutely love the photo of you eating with your hands from a banana leaf "plate." i have an almost identical photo of myself haha


    1. I really want to know why they don't have places like that in the states! Eating with your hands is amazing :)

  2. running almost everyday!? impressive!!

    1. I wish I could say that it was a lot of miles everyday- its more like 3 miles and half walking :)

  3. Ok, I seriously love how you met your fiance! Too funny, I just read it allowed to Jurgen and he's cracking up! My first degree is also in International Relations :)


    1. Hey Jenna! Glad to have you back! Ya it was probably not the safest thing to do, but hey, I think it worked out, haha!

  4. Oops excuse the spelling... I mean "aloud"*

  5. Love getting to know you a bit better–and WAHOOOOO for Playa del Carmen! Last week I saw a girl strolling around with a neon t that read, "I'm in Playa del Carmen, BITCH," which might just make the perfect honeymoon souvenir...

    1. hahaha- I love that t-shirt! I am going to find that for my guest bags! Wouldn't that be so great to see the grandparents wearing that!

  6. love this little get-to-know-you. And how you and your fiance met haha

    1. thanks! haha it could have turned out a LOT worse, but I am so glad that I lucked out and met a nice guy...his van on the other hand...I can't seem to get him to get rid of it!

  7. I didn't realize your wedding was so soon! Yay!! So exciting!

  8. oh my goodness! for some reason I am just now seeing this post, thank you so much for the nomination though, that is incredibly sweet! unfortunately I already did one of those posts a while back, darn it :(
    but i had no idea your wedding was so soon! how exciting! i cant wait to see pictures, my cousin recently had her wedding in playa and it was stunning. i imagine yours will be wonderful!
    and btw, i've been a bad blog comment responder lately (dont hate me, haha), those yellow ball flowers are called crespedia billy balls and i have no idea where in the world that video came from, josh sent it to me, I'm not sure why he has so much spare time on his hands to find strange videos like that


Thank you for your lovely comment!


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