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I hope you all had a fantastic long weekend and soaked up the last bit of summer! Around here you can already feel the chill creeping into the air. My weekend was wonderful, I was able to share it with close friends and my fiance! We were so glad that his boat made it into Seattle in time,  so that he could spend the whole weekend relaxing with his friends and working on his tan! I will share with you his photos from Alaska soon! As for now, here are some photos from our weekend: 

And without much further ado...I have a quirky little interview from Amy, of Don't Feed the Birds, Please. She is a student in England, and it is always nice to get the English perspective on travel:

1. Tell us a little about yourself:

Hullo! I’m AmyBird and I run the blog Don’t Feed The Birds, Please. I’m a student in England. Also, I’m a little too obsessed with birds, comics and Batman (who is my ultimate hero by the way; I do plan to hold a job as a masked vigilante sometime in the near future). Yep, I’m a nerd.

2. When/Why did you start blogging:

I started blogging because I wanted a little place separate from the rest of my life where I could share my writings, poetry and musings with other fauna. I needed a space where I could express my weird and random feathered self.

3. What is your dream trip:

National Geographic do some amazing expeditions/trips. The one that I really lusted over was a photography trip in the Galapagos. It looked amazing. Plus I’d be able to say hullo to Darwin’s non-finch fake finches (those guys are such phonies).

4.. Where is favorite place in the world:

My favourite place in the world….. well, I would say it would have to be Great Yarmouth. It’s a seaside town on Britain’s east coast and I fly down there at least once a year. Yep, it’s the typical seaside place that you see on the old postcards. There are lots of fish and chips, ice-cream and donuts that get thrown on the floor which I then have to fight for with the seagulls (I win of course). Then I can hop down the piers or take a perch on a donkey. I have being going there ever since I was a hatchling. In fact, even my granddad has been going since he was a hatchling! So I suppose over years of HarrisonBird evolution it has become an instinct to dwell in Norfolk for a week or two every so often.

5. Favorite food/ where do you find it:

Did you know that birds love brownies? AmyBird certainly does. It doesn’t really matter what type or where they are from (FEEEEEEEEEEEEEEED MEEEEEEEEE!) You may be surprised that a bird has a love of chocolate brownies but then again you’d be surprised at some of the other stuff they eat…

6. Any great travel tips/ secrets?

Don’t hold back and don’t plan too much. The whole point of travel is to experience and enjoy. If everything is planned to the last little detail, scheduled and programmed, maybe your trips will be a little robotic, a little monotonous. You’ve got to ask yourself this: do I want to live every second of life as I planned? I got to say, it will be probably get very tedious very rapidly.


  1. That last photo is stunning. So beautiful.


    1. Thanks! It's starting to look like fall around here!

  2. Why is your fiance gone so much? What boat!? Is he in the navy? Glad you had a great long weekend and reconnected with friends!

    1. He's a commercial fisherman out of Alaska, so every summer he ships out :( but is was great to have him back for the weekend!

  3. i love summer evenings by the fire pit!

  4. Please tell me what is happening in that first picture. Hair cut? Scalp treatment? Bromantical things???!

    I am so glad you had a great weekend, A!

    1. Hair cut! You should see the before picture SCARY!


Thank you for your lovely comment!


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