Wander In: Berkshire, Vermont

Today's Wander In comes from Diana of the Down Home Traveler. Diana is a Canadian-Vermonter and current Texas transplant, who blogs about her adventures and life down south. Definitely head on over and check Down Home Traveler out!

Berkshire is a very small dairy farming town in Northern Vermont that borders Canada. It takes 5 minutes to drive to Canada from where I grew up.

1.Upon arrival, this is the first stop:
Well, on the way home from the airport, my actual first stop is at Devyn's Creemee Stand in SheldonVermont. (Creemee's are just soft serve ice cream.) Delicious! Beware, the sizes are huge! You definitely get your money’s worth!
2. To get a taste of the local culture, this is essential: 
Drive around. The best part about home is the scenery and taking a drive. Drive around “town” and thru the country, take a tour of the covered bridges, swing by the local mom and pop stores for some great food from the deli's.
3.To ride in style like this locals, I recommend this form of transport: A Subaru. Subaru is pretty much the state car of Vermont! You’ll blend right in!
4.You will sleep like a baby here: At my parents, with the windows open a crack (not in the winter of course). The fresh, crisp air will let you sleep like a baby and you won't want to get out of bed in the morning!
5.Want a souvenir, take this home: Maple Syrup. A trip to Vermont isn’t really a trip to Vermont without taking Maple Syrup back with you. It’s just unheard of. I even have a jug in my freezer as back up in case I run out.
6.The locals and tourists like to get tipsy here:
The Dairy Center in Enosburg where there is sometimes live music on the weekends or you can bowl. The Abbey in Sheldon where you can dine and or take part in karaoke one night a week. Head to the nearest "big town" of St. Albans and stop by One Federal for dinner and drinks. During the winter if you happen to come to hit the slopes, stay at Jay Peak and check out some of the venues there or The Snowshoe or The Belfry in Montgomery where more locals will be. Wherever you go, be sure to try the microbrews. This is most important. Vermont has some of the best beer around! (My favorite is Switchback or Blackbeary Wheat by Longtrail.)
7. The culture here is unique because: We're country folk! We're simple, we love where we live and we just like to have a good time. You won't find corporate chains (sorry for the Starbucks addicts) but you’ll be in a place where "everybody knows your name".

8. If I had 24 hours here, I would spend it this way: Honestly, I would want to spend it with family and friends that I don’t get to see often but it also depends what time of the year I visit.
Summer: I would start off with a creemee at Devyn's. Take a canoe trip down the Mississquoi River, fishing with my brother or go for a morning hike on the Long Trail. For lunch I would swing by The Pinnacle Peddler in Richford for a sandwich or head over the border to Canada for a poutine (french fries, gravy and curd cheese - don't knock it until you've tried it!). The afternoon would be spent going for a four wheeler ride, picking berries or even going for a drive to take some photos. Dinner would either be at the Crossing in Richford or One Federal in St. Albans. The end of the night would spent having a few microbrews by a fire and camping out under the stars!
Winter is entirely different. Wake up early and head to Jay Peak to hit the slopes! For lunch, I would head back home, and grab a sandwich at Pinnacle Peddler (yes, the sandwiches are that good, the bread is homemade). As the sun starts to set, I would strap on some snowshoes or take snowmobile out for a ride. Dinner would be a good meal at the Crossing or One Federal (if I’m not too exhausted for a longer drive). The end of the night I would aim for finding a good warm fire and a hot chocolate.

Thanks Diana! 

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  1. Covered bridges are so romantic, I think. Looks like a lovely trip!


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