mas photos de old san juan

We claim to be pretty thrifty travelers, and after five months in Asia, we thought we had it down... but then we came to Puerto Rico. This island is kicking our penny-pinching asses. It is definitely not for the cheap or cheap at heart, although if you are willing to bite the bullet a little, then it is definitely manageable. 

Here is a little list of our expenses so far:

1. Hotel/ guest houses:  we went through air bnb and were given a deal at around $70/ night which is by far the cheapest we've found.  On average, it seems like hotels cost around 100+, but we are traveling during the extreme high-season.

2. Rental cars. It is an absolute MUST (except if you are only going to stay in San Juan)! Which is sad for us, because we hate renting cars, but there is no way around it, you need one to see the island. But on another note, take the publicos from San Juan to the Islands if you are visiting Culebra/ Vieques. They are easy and relatively cheap. Cost us about $30 to get from San Juan to Fajarado and then $4 total to take the ferry to Culebra. 

3. Food. We try and eat "street" food or local food as much as possible, but even that is never cheaper than $7. We end up spending about $20 a meal.



  1. looks like a lovely place and the weather looks awesome. would love to go there someday!

  2. This place looks marvelous! I'm dreaming about sunny places right now :)

    1. Thanks Julie! It is super warm and awesome!


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