San Juan, Puerto Rico Day 1

I'm going to try and catalog our journey as best as I can. So i'll get through some of the more boring details now...

In order to get as cheap of plane tickets as we wanted we had to spend the night in Minneapolis. So we left Seattle around 1:30 and flew to Minneapolis on Delta, getting there at around 9:00 pm. We stayed at a little hotel called Le Bourget Aero, which we got on points from our awesome new travel credit cards (the Chase Sapphire which gives you 40,000 bonus miles upon sign up). We had a lovely late night meal at Perkins (same thing as a Dennys) and then headed back in the snow to our hotel. Our flight to San Juan left at 7:30 am so we hopped on the very early 5am shuttle and ended up spending two hours in the Minneapolis airport, which is AWESOME by the way. The airport has these new super swanky restaurants that you can sit at, play on their ipads, and then order food straight from the ipad. And the food was actually decent tasting!

Upon arrival we took a cab to our apartment in Ocean Park. The cab cost around $20 and is an unavoidable cost here in Puerto Rico because they have a virtually non existent public transportation system.  Our apartment was booked through Air bnb. It's my first time using Air bnb and so far so good. There was a problem with the air-conditioning in the unit that we were going to rent, so before we even arrived, our host upgraded us to a two bedroom apartment. We have a kitchen, bathroom, tv, and internet all for about $70 a night (which is the cheapest we could find in San Juan). We are basically set and might not come home.

(excuse the terrible iphone photos! we are having major internet issues)

It's definitely not the Ritz, but it'll do just fine!

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  1. Sounds like a smooth journey to start! Glad you guys are settling in! Can't wait to read more!


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