Seattle Sessions #1: St. Paul de Vence

Brian and I decided that I need to share more about our weekends and we are going to make a point of trying something new each weekend, which will probably mean food. This past weekend was pretty busy, and I went from Bainbridge Island Saturday to Bellingham Sunday!

But, one of the highlights this weekend was seeing a show at the Triple door. Downtown Seattle, underneath Wild Ginger, the Triple Door is an awesome concert venue where you can order food and drinks while watching the show.

We saw St. Paul de Vence for the second time, and they are an amazing indie folk band whose lyrics are based off of stories told from one of the band member's French grandfather. Most of the songs follow the grandpa's stories about his time in during his time WWII.


  1. I've lived in Seattle for so many years but I've still never seen a show at the Triple Door! Really need to get on that...

  2. How fun! I used to work with Ben of the group! I would have loved to have seen them live!

    1. Thats crazy! small world- they are really good and play a lot of shows around town!

  3. Great music, really like the song!!

  4. This band sounds seriously lovely! I am so pumped for the recommendation!

  5. Love this post....thanks so much..sounds good!


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