have a cozy weekend

What do you all have planned for the weekend? I seriously can't believe that it will be December tomorrow. I need to hurry and throw up some Christmas decorations, although my husband doesn't want a tree since we leave in two weeks (I think I will sneak in a little one :). Have you started Christmas shopping? I haven't yet and I definitely need to start this weekend!
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  1. I've special ordered a few things online but I still have a ton of shopping to do! Have a date with a girlfriend for lunch & shopping on Saturday though so I hope to get most of it done then. :-)

    1. Hope you had a great weekend and got your shopping done! I am still not even close to being done, YIKES!

  2. Just started decorating yesterday! Can't wait to check out these links!!!

    1. Fun! Hope you had a good time decorating! I need to get a tree!


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