el yunque national forest

On our last day in Puerto Rico we packed up our stuff, shoved it in the car, and took off for El Yunque National Forest for a few hours before we hopped on a plane to New York. We were a little nervous about timing, and weren't sure that we could fit in El Yunque after a drive across the island, but we did and it was well worth it! 

El Yunque is the only tropical rainforest in the United States and it is more lush than you could even imagine! The weird thing is how well maintained the national forest is. It has a lot of paved and dirt trails that allow you to really get into the forest.


  1. such beautiful pictures! the one of the spider web is my favorite :)

  2. aaaaahhh puerto rico! first of all...i love that i found this little blog because i love to travel and i love seeing all these things you've done and such. so fun. and second...my sister lived in puerto rico for a little bit and we went and visited last thanksgiving. it was so fun. especially the rain forest. luckily my sister had the inside scoop and took us to a rock water slide in the forest and it was so so fun. anyway...i went to this waterfall as well. the pictures bring back beautiful memories!




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