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Hi you all. I hope you had a fabulous weekend. I lucked out with a three day weekend (my better half had to work Monday)...and my family was in town so we ate some pretty amazing food all weekend long!

Anyway, I have another travel tips interview for you from Eric, of yourworldyourhome. Eric is a new blogger and avid traveler and probably the only person I've heard complain about getting paid too much...a pretty interesting guy, so enjoy:

1. Tell us a little about yourself:

Hey, I'm Eric a perpetual traveler I’ve been living and working overseas for about 5 years. I didn’t start blogging till I finished my most recent round the world trip. When it comes to money, even though I complain the my job pays me too much (my job is about making things efficient and my salary is too much, I would gladly work for less) I still like to save. I watch every dollar and have a thousand tips on how to spend as little as you can. When you mix round the world travel, and my love of saving money then the outcome you get is a year around the world in 21 counties for $2000.

Me and a friend, we had just climbed the tallest mountain in Bulgeria.

2. When/Why did you start blogging:

I started YourWorldYourHome.com on 1/1/13. I have been writing little things here and there must most of the time I find it hard to write or find internet while traveling. I love to write, I love the internet, and people seem to be interested in my stories, so if I combine them all together then I get a blog.
Me and the truck driver ( I was hitchhiking with him) taking a break in India.

3. What is your dream trip:

My dream trip is to continue to travel and world and see all it has to offer. I know I will be on every content and I know I will have many years to experience it all. But one dream is to travel with someone I love.

I might have found that someone. This is Echo, she joined up with me in Armenia. For three months we traveled together, now I am hitchhiking to china to be with her.

4. Where is favorite place in the world:

Karabakh! My god that place is SO AWESOME. Endless forests and mountains, trees full of fruit and the most hospitable people in the world who will always invite you in for a meal and to stay the night.

One of the MANY families who took me in.

5. Favorite food/ where do you find it:

This is a hard one…I really love the food in every country I’ve been too…I would say that if you are going to travel, enjoy it all, explore and taste. Never don’t settle on one dish as your staple, there are SO many good foods out there.

I don’t know what these things were, but I do know they were awesome! Much more tasty then fried bugs (which are not so bad).

6. Any great travel tips/ secrets?

The secrets are endless. There are so many tricks to saving money, to finding jobs abroad (especially non-English teaching ones). Those tips can be found on my blog. But here is a general tip, and if you follow it you will always have a good time. Go, explore, don’t see tourist sites but explore the culture, the people and their lives, and never be afraid to do it, you will always be welcomed with open arms.
Dressing up with the Burmese.


  1. Wow, seriously impressed that Eric travelled the world for a year on $2000... that must be some kind of record! I loved Burma! Favorite.country.ever.


    1. Isn't that crazy impressive! I am need to head to Burma! Did you make it across the border easily?

  2. Replies
    1. Isn't that so sweet! He is quite the traveler!

  3. What an incredible traveler!

    And the new header (am I late to the game on this?) is the best! So minimal and sleek.

    1. Thanks HM! I am so glad you love the header! I was super happy it works so well w/ the blog!

  4. Ok, i will basically say the exact same thing that Hannah Margaret...

    That story is amazing and he seems such an interesting person!
    & the new header is perfect! Love it :)

    1. Thanks Julie! So glad you love the new header!

  5. Wow! Definitely an interesting guy!

  6. I love that his dream is to travel with someone he loves!


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