happy friday/ video voyagism

Happy Friday! We take off for the coast today and plan on hiking tomorrow.  I'm hoping that we stumble upon hidden hot springs while we are on a hike (apparently there are a few hot springs on the coast!). Anyway, we are excited to get together with friends and take the nugget on a journey. Each of our friends owns a Westfalia camper, so it'll be a parade of vintage rides (i'll take lots of photos for Monday's post).

Today's video was shot all at night in the Namibian desert. It is stunning and mesmorizing... 
Namibian Nights from Squiver on Vimeo.


  1. Wow, that is an amazing video! Have a great time on your trip, I hope you find some hot springs!

  2. Thanks Sarah! I hope I find some hotsprings too!

  3. Amazing!! the video is simply amazing. sorry to ask you but is this video made by you?

    1. No, I wish I was that talented :) it was on VIMEO's top video's of the week.

  4. Incredible video. I really loved every bit of it.


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