lake chelan part two

Our favorite activity of the weekend was piling into a van that we rented ($35 pp) which shuttled us from winery to winery. My favorite one was Hard Roe to Hoe. This is a vineyard with a story, and fantastic wine! In the late 1930's a brothel stood in the now location of Hard Roe to Hoe. An enterprising man started rowing men across the lake to the brothel, and a few decades and grapevines later, Hard Roe to Hoe was born!

Each of the wines at Hard Roe to Hoe has a story behind it. My favorite is their Burning Desire red. Supposedly, a group of wives, sick of their husbands' "unexplained" absences,  rowed over to the brothel and burnt it to the ground!

Cairdeas Winery is the new kid on the block. They have a gorgeous space and great wine. It was started by a young couple in Seattle who basically made wine in their garage. A few years later they decided to set up shop in the Chelan region. 

Six wineries and a wine slushie later, we were feeling pretty good. Although the six P.M. hangover was not the best...needless to say, I am off of wine for a while. 


  1. Great photos! I have always wanted to rent a bus or a van and go wine tasting!

  2. oh yeah, that looks like a fun day! And I want those pink chairs!

  3. Haha, love the day drunk and 6PM hangover. x


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