wanderlust wednesday: lake chelan

Every few minutes this past weekend, one of us would look over the water and say how stunning Lake Chelan looked. We've regrettably only visited Chelan in the summer, but now it is definitely one of my favorite winter weekend getaways!  Looking back at Brian's photos, I think he really captured how beautiful Central Washington is under a dusting of snow.

The three and a half hour drive to Lake Chelan is well worth it! Located in Central Washington, the climate of the Chelan region is perfectly suited towards growing grapes and in the past decade it has really bloomed as Washington's second wine destination (the first is still Walla Walla).
The lake itself is the third deepest in the country and a cool 55 miles long! There are great accommodations in Chelan...from world class hotels to manicured camp grounds. The food is not too shabby either. You can usually find a great meal at one of the wineries.

We lucked out and booked a groupon deal for a great condo at Grandview on the Lake that sleeps 6 with a water view!

The actual town of Chelan is pretty tiny, but there are a few cute shops and restaurants if you need some food to soak up all of that wine! And if you need a breakfast recommendation, head to Blueberry Hills! It was closed when we were there (we almost cried) but if you catch if while its open, you will not be disappointed!

I have way too many photos to share from our Chelan adventure so the rest are going to roll out in two or three more posts! 

In the meantime, I would love to hear about great winter weekend getaways in your area of the world!


  1. I haven't ever been to Chelan, but I agree that Central Washington is really beautiful in the winter. Bummer the breakfast place was closed!

    1. Ahh! You haven't been to Chelan! You definitely need to head on over there for a weekend!

  2. Ya know, I've never been to Chelan and I grew up in western WA, how sad! I need to go stat.

    1. You should go!! It really is a great little getaway!


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