wanderlust wednesday: rolling huts

Since I've dedicated February as Winter Weekend Getaway month, The Rolling Huts in Central Washington are the perfect complement. Remember those hairless cats we watched over the weekend? Well the family that owns those little felines, took off for these huts over the weekend and came back gushing about how incredible they are!
Located 4.5 hours Northeast of Seattle, The Rolling Huts are situated in the Methow Valley; a paradise for hikers, bikers, cross country skiers, and lovers of all things outdoors. The huts were designed as a modern alternative to camping and are placed in the shape of a herd, all facing the surrounding mountains. 

The best part of the rolling huts,  besides the fantastic design, is the price. They are super reasonable, at $135 per night, which includes an endless supply of wood for the indoor fireplace. Nothing is better than a super cozy cabin amidst the snow. 
Brian and I will have to get out to the huts and see for ourselves, but i'm pretty confident that they would exceed our expectations!


  1. No way, these are so cool! I can't believe they're so close to Seattle and I've never heard of them!

  2. I hope you go so I can see your review before I decide to make the drive out. Love love love your blog! So glad I stumbled upon you.



  3. I ALMOST went here for my winter birthday getaway! Hm, maybe next year. I've been dying to try them out ever since they were built a few years back. Can't wait to see your review if you go! xo

  4. wow wow wow. y'all never cease to stop finding THE coolest things in the world. adding this to our northwest to-do list, immediately. this has to happen.

  5. These.are.awesome. Absolutely MUST do this with Jurgen one day :)



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