a guide to the norwegian jade

Part of the Norwegian Cruise Line, the NCL Jade is a sight to behold. Designated ‘jewel class’, you’ll understand why if you embark on one of the many Mediterranean Norwegian Cruises aboard this majestic vessel. Holding over 2400 passengers, it’s certainly not a small ship, but with the contemporary design and plenty of room, there’s little chance of feeling crowded.

Destinations include ports scattered around the Med, throughout the year, including Egypt, Italy, Croatia and the Holy Land. With a firsthand view of the spectacular coastlines, you will feel on top of the world from the safety of the NCL Jade. Whether you decide to head for Italy, Greece and Turkey during the spring and winter months, or you decide to sail from Venice to the Greek Isles during the height of summer, you can be sure of an unforgettable experience.

With two nightclubs, award winning restaurants and a casino, you your evenings are well and truly covered, while by day, you can sample the swimming pools on board as well as the numerous activities that the ship offers on and below deck.

As a child friendly ship, the NCL Jade is a perfect ship for families opting for Norwegian Cruises. You could take a seat in the enormous Stardust Theatre or try your hand at the Nintendo Wii on a two-storey screen. Teen discos are available during the cruise, to keep the tweens happy during the early evening, while for the grownups, there are plenty of cocktails and alcohol to be sampled in the plethora of bars on board.

Whatever your budget – whether you opt for the affordable cabins or the exuberant suites, there is bound to be something of interest on board the NCL Jade. With a whole host of Mediterranean ports to visit, on a range of different itineraries, you can be sure of a cruise to remember.
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