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Sorry for the belated weekend post...I started watching The Forsyte Saga last night in an attempt to cure my longing for Downton Abbey.  Speaking of TV shows, have you watched Homeland yet!? I know there was a bunch of buzz about the TV show during the Emmys (because it literally won everything), but it is totally worth watching!  The show is suspenseful and it is hard to stop from watching the whole season in a sitting. The weird thing is, we started watching Homeland a couple of weeks ago and the main red head actor is also the protagonist in The Forsyte Saga (which is also worth watching if you love Downton Abbey and all things Masterpiece Theater).

Ok enough about TV shows! Here is our weekend around town via my iphone:

The popsicle stick is not the only weird thing about the building that holds my new job. The building was designed to represent batman...it has two black peaks and looks straight out of gotham city!

Friday was uneventful and we made up for that on Saturday. I finally tried the much talked about sammies at the Other Coast Cafe and a new San Pellegrino flavor, pommelo. 

We also crashed a little kid birthday party (we know him) and it was awesome. They had confetti
filled eggs that you could smash on people!

We finished Saturday with a drink at Essex, the bar situated right next to the great pizza restaurant, Delancey. Both are run by Molly Wizenberg and her husband, the bloggers behind Orangette
Sunday it was a southern breakfast with friends at Bitterroot and then we wandered down to the Ballard Pizza Company for the "Toss like a Boss" competition. They brought in Pizza chefs from around Seattle who competed in categories like thickness, width, and generally tossing abilities. It was awesome, there were score cards and all you can eat free pizza. 


  1. Looks like a super fun weekend! Downton Abbey finally came in for me at the library and I'm going to start watching it this weekend!

    1. Ahh! I hope you enjoy Downton! its slow at first and then AMAZING!

  2. Homeland is so addicting. We're all caught up now and anxiously awaiting the next season.

    1. Ahh isn't it crazy! I am trying to space out the first season so I don't blow through it so fast!


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