seattle sessions #5

Our weekend was very low-key, although one of the highlights was seeing all of the stunning flowers at Pikes Place market. Other than that we started fixing the back end of your motor home! Brian tore off all of the horrible brown pleather and I can't wait to see what the back looks like once it is re-done with new material!

What did you do with your weekend!?
Sunday, I also stumbled upon an amazing fabric studio in the heat of Ballard. The patterns were to die for...now I only wish I knew how to sew!


  1. I love spring flowers so much! They really cheer up my soul. I saw my adorable nieces this weekend and accomplished some big house projects... success! I'm so old...

  2. Oh the fabric looks fantastic!! Need to get my sewing started again now that autumn and winter is about to hit Australia! And I am looking forward to see your revamped motorhome! How cool is that?
    Kristina x


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